When her son, Ian, asked for a Dragon Masters-themed birthday Party, Tara Burgy Wells unleashed her creativity and came up with ideas for food, games, favors, and more that are truly impressive. She has kindly allowed me to share her ideas with other fans. Thanks, Tara!



Tara used her digital scrapbooking skills and software to create these invitations:

Activities and Favors

Tara set up an “adopt a dragon” station where guests could choose a small plush dragon and name it. This activity could also be done with plastic dragon figures.

For an outdoor activity, Tara labeled cans of Silly String as “Magic Dragon Snot.” She attached a picture of Maldred the evil wizard to a zipline, and had kids aim at the picture as it whizzed across the yard. If you can’t make a zipline, this could also work with stationery Maldred targets.

Kids can decorate their own goblets with stick-on gems. The perfect vessel for Dragon Drool!

Food & Drink

Tara says she had the most fun planning out the food, and she based it on both the dragons and Dragon Masters.


Tara served Earth Dragon scales (chips) with onion dip because Drake was an onion farmer; Dragon Snacks (goldfish crackers) to introduce Carlos and the Lightning Dragon who was a fisherman; Hydra Salad of olives and chick peas because at her first meal, Petra mentioned those foods; Hummus & Naan for Sun & Moon dragons; and Doritos stood in as Fire Dragon scales.

Tara printed out cards explaining how the food connected to the stories.


Not all of the dragon food at the party connected with the theme. Tara made a veggie dragon out of cucumber slices and carrots, and served it with a mountain of veggie “treasure.” The birthday cake was made of green-iced cupcakes displayed in the shape of a dragon.

To drink? Dragon Drool, of course!


Invite your guests to make their own Dragon Stone necklaces using cord, beads, and crystals from the craft store.

Other Themes

When Dragon Masters fan Tristan turned 7, his mom Heather threw him a Water Dragon-themed party at their local indoor pool. What a great idea! You could also have an outdoor Sun Dragon party. Or an Ice Dragon ice-skating party. Or a Fire Dragon campfire party . . .


Cool Tools and Supplies

 You can find lots of dragon party supplies in party stores and online shops. Click on the images to purchase on Amazon.

Here are some of my favorites:


Add food coloring to your favorite bundt cake mix or recipe to create your child’s favorite dragon.

Decorate dragon cookies yourself—or have guests decorate them as a party activity.

I love to give away these stickers at book signings—and they’d make a great addition to a party loot bag, too.

I am so grateful to Tara, Heather, and every mom who has shared photos and ideas with me! If you have a Dragon Masters party, please let me know! I will mail a special birthday letter to you for your child.