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Last updated February 2010

I am really excited to tell you about my new series, Hiro's Quest. Hiro is a young ninja-in-training whose family is charged with protecting their small mountain village. But when evil ninja Fujita begins to search for the powerful Amulet of the Sun and Amulet of the Moon, Hiro and his family and friends must leave their village to find the amulets before Fujita does. It's a ninja series with a fantasy twist. The first two books, Enemy Rising and Into the Fire, are sold through Scholastic Book Fairs and are also available in bookstores now.

Who Is Alyssa Crowne?
Alyssa Crowne is a pseudonym I use to write the brand new "Perfectly Princess" series. Each book features a different princess-loving girl and her favorite color, with pretty pages to match! The first book, Pink Princess Rules the School is available in bookstores now. Look for all of the books in the series in Scholastic Book Clubs.

Chill Out with My New Club Penguin Books
If you're ever hanging out at Club Penguin and bump into a penguin named Mcsugarface, that's me! I've been a member of CP for a few years now because I've had the great opportunity to write several books based on the website. My sister Kate and I are working on a new updated handbook that will come out next year. I've also been writing some really fun Pick Your Path Books that take the reader on adventures with Captain Rockhopper, Gary the Gadget Guy, Aunt Arctic, and puffles. Right now I'm working on a cool book about Cadence! Look for: Stowaway: Adventures at Sea; Star Reporter; The Inventor's Apprentice; and The Great Puffle Switch on, in Toys R Us, or a bookstore near you.

More Books for Fans of Ben 10
I'm a big fan of Ben 10: Alien Force and have already written a guidebook to the show, an adaptation of the upcoming movie, Alien Swarm, and a few storybooks. There's a new season of the show coming out soon with a totally different twist, so that means a new handbook and more original stories! Stay tuned for the details.

A New Naruto Format
I was so excited when the folks at Viz Comics contacted me to write chapter books based on the insanely popular manga by Masashi Kishimoto. The chapter books begin where the manga started and trace Naruto's journey from a troublemaking outcast to a skilled ninja. It's been a great privilege to work with this exciting material.

Hey, I Won an Award!
This July I won the 2009 Scribe Award in the category of Best Young Adult Novel, Adapted, for my adaptation of the film Journey to the Center of the Earth, 3-D. I'm really proud of this award. It's given out by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers at a ceremony at San Diego Comic Con. I didn't go to the convention, but I am looking forward to putting the trophy on my shelf. I also got nominated in the category of Best Young Adult, Original for Disney Club Penguin's Stowaway: Adventures at Sea.